Pertamina Wearpack Uniform

Wearpack is one type of work uniform in which the superiors and subordinates are joined directly. Where, clothing like this is usually used by workers who are in an industrial environment, namely oil, mining, heavy equipment construction engineering, and so on. Types of clothing wearpacks must use special fabrics, namely clothing must use materials that are safe for the safety of workers, such as avoiding rayon when workers are in a flammable environment.

Work uniforms with strong designs, give a professional and dashing impression.
PT MALTA NUSA KARYA Wearpack uniform is made with an elegant design with a navy blue base color and added a little touch of embroidery so it doesn’t look plain. In addition, this wearpack is also equipped with a scothlite reflector, where this feature functions to give a bright effect on clothes when in a place with minimal lighting.

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