Valentis Wearpack Safety

Valentis Wearpack Safety – Wearpacks are a type of work clothes that directly connect your boss and your subordinates. Such garments are typically used by workers working in industrial environments such as oil, mining and heavy industry. Clothing types Special fabrics must be used for clothing packaging. In short, clothing should use materials that are safe for workers, such as: B. Avoid rayon when workers are in a flammable environment.

The strong design of work clothes gives a professional and stylish impression. The Valentis Wearpack Safety uniform has an elegant design with a navy base color and a touch of small embroidery, which makes it look uncluttered. In addition, the wear pack is also equipped with a Scothlite reflector, which allows you to give your garment a brighter effect in places with minimal lighting.

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Work Uniform Convection Wearpack

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