Selling Work Uniforms

Selling Work Uniforms – Work uniforms themselves are no longer just ordinary formal clothes, but work uniforms have become the identity and characteristics of the offices or companies of these workers, ranging from the color of the motif to the logo placed on the uniform. To meet these needs, a uniform manufacturing process is needed either personally or using the help of convection or garment services.

The garment is a business company engaged in the manufacture of textiles or clothing which is managed by using a management system and administrative system that is better than the convection business. Where in another sense garment is a textile or clothing factory that produces various types of clothing to be traded back to consumers, this makes the number of employees working in garment companies very much.

In the world of clothing, the garment is a service for making clothes for other people. One of these services in Semarang is MOKO GARMENT INDONESIA. MOKO GARMENT INDONESIA can assist in the manufacture of various types of clothing ranging from work shirts, wearpacks, bomber jackets, and so on. MOKO GARMENT INDONESIA is a professional partner in manufacturing the right uniform for various needs & garment manufacturers based in Semarang, Indonesia. With more than a decade of accumulated experience. Moko Garment Indonesia has gone through widespread distribution channels, Moko Garment Indonesia products have been used in various regions in Indonesia. Moko Garment Indonesia is a complete design solution to empower you with confidence and deliver the best quality.

Tips for choosing the right clothing or textile manufacturing service, including:

  • Choose a clothing manufacturing service provider that has custom design facilities, because this can help the customer in designing the clothes he wants. Such as adding patterns, logos, choosing the basic color of clothes, and so on.
  • Choose a clothing manufacturing service provider that has samples on its products. This aims to give more confidence to the buyer of the product to be ordered.
  • Choose a clothing manufacturing service provider who has a wide variety of products on offer. Because with so many variations it will be easier to determine what clothes to order.

Selling Work Uniforms

In addition to the tips above, we also have tips before you make sure to make a work uniform that fits, is comfortable, and also has quality, including:

  1. The type of fabric used must be cool and can also absorb sweat. Mainly used by field workers who are always outdoors and in the hot sun. By using this type of fabric, the workers will be easier and more comfortable in carrying out their work.
  2. The color of clothes should avoid colors that are too flashy and color combinations that make people who see them uncomfortable. Like bank employees, using strange color combinations can make customers feel bad or bad mood when they go to the bank office.
  3. The price of clothing must also be considered because the selection of price, quality, and needs must be balanced. In other words, when spending a large budget, the quality of the product is also good and also elegant when worn.
  4. The uniform model must describe the characteristics of the organization or company, where if other people see the uniform it will seem elegant and remembered by the company. For example, a company engaged in Islamic finance, Muslim clothing with long sleeves is the right model. As for companies that have workers and work in the field, then clothes with short sleeves are more appropriate to choose.
  5. The size of the work uniform used in addition to being considered from the type of material, model, and color of the elegant clothing is also considered. Because every employee or worker has a different size to be more comfortable at work. If it doesn’t match the size, it will look less attractive and elegant in the eyes of people who see it, especially in jobs such as bank tellers, customer service, and so on.