Selling Engineer Uniform

Selling Engineer Uniform – In the world of clothing, the garment is a service for making clothes for other people. One of these services in Semarang is MOKO GARMENT INDONESIA. MOKO GARMENT INDONESIA can assist in the manufacture of various types of clothing ranging from work shirts, wearpacks, bomber jackets, and so on. MOKO GARMENT INDONESIA is a professional partner in manufacturing the right uniform for various needs & garment manufacturers based in Semarang, Indonesia. With more than a decade of accumulated experience. Moko Garment Indonesia has gone through widespread distribution channels, Moko Garment Indonesia products have been used in various regions in Indonesia. Moko Garment Indonesia is a complete design solution that empowers you with confidence and delivers the best quality.

Engineer uniform is a casual uniform that is used for formal or non-formal. Engineer work must have a strong concentration. That’s why we help design and manufacture shirts specifically for engineers. Engineer is a job that has the task of designing, calculating, and planning a particular design.

Selling Engineer Uniform

The following are interesting things about the engineer uniforms that we make, as follows:

  • Drill cotton, this material is made from fine fibers that are suitable for use as yarn. Where this thread can be made into clothes of good quality that are not hot and can absorb sweat.
  • Indonesian standard, in making these clothes we provide the types of sizes from most people in Indonesia.
  • Original brand, where our products are produced by ourselves without buying from other parties with qualified equipment and human resources in the field of clothing manufacture.
  • It has two seat pockets, the function of this bag is that it can be used to store small equipment, such as designers who carry hard drives to store data.
  • It has two embroidered patches, these patches can be attached or removed according to the user’s wishes. This patch becomes the identity of the user to be known by others.
  • Pen pocket, the function of this bag is to store pens used by engineers. This bag has a design like the shape of the pen itself. Where if the engineer needs a pen, he doesn’t have to take out or open the bag but just take it from his pocket.
  • Have double or double stitches, this aims to give more strength to the clothes used. It also makes clothes more durable.
  • X-Airflow Technology, this is a technology that provides space for air to enter. So that when used, the user will not feel hot or hot.

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