Q: How to make order?Table Of Contents

Let choose item as you need and send email to [email protected] or WA to +62 822-9998-1806 for code, size and qty.

Q: Can you make for custom design or exclusive design?

Yes. We can make its. Let send photo design, size and complete with specification of uniform we will inform for the price. We never also sell or post to other customer and that design is special for you. We will make only for you company.

Q: How about estimate time production and MOQ?

We do not have minimum order. But if you want get a lot of discount let order 1.000 pcs more. We will give about 10% discount.

  • For order 1-5 pcs workwear, we need 10 days,
  • For order 6-20 pcs workwear, we need time 15 days, and
  • For order 21-50 pcs workwear, we need time is 21 days.
  • For order 51-100 pcs workwear, we need 30 days.
  • For order 101 pcs workwear more or one container 20ft we need about 45 days.
  • For order 2.000 pcs workwear more or one container 40ft we need about 60 days.
  • We will start to process after we get 50% first deposit.

Q: How about cost and time of delivery?

For shipment by SEA we only handle DOOR TO PORT there. So let inform the port is closer from your address and we will inform for the cost shipment. A minimal charge is 2 CBM and estimate time delivery is about 30-45 days.

For shipment by AIR FREIGHT use weight of uniform. We can inform cost by AIR if we know total weight of your order and PLEASE send your address detail with zip code. Estimate time shipment is about 7-10 days (DOOR TO DOOR).

Q: How about guarantee of the product?

We have agent for handle all our shipment, if you get uniform broken in the middle or package our agent will change. But if uniform broken in the part, we will send the part and you can change there.

Q: How about payment?

If the design, size and quantity are OK we will send invoice of total order. The first 50% deposit and the rest of invoice can transfer to our account like an invoice. NOTE “WE NEVER ASK SEND MONEY TO OTHER ACCOUNT BANK LIKE AN INVOICE OR WEBSITE”

For order LCL or one container: The fist deposit is 50% and the rest of invoice after we can show copy of original document.

For Order by AIR FREIGHT: The first deposit is 50% and the rest if mirror ready and before shipment. AWB of document shipment will send by email.

for payment can transferred to:

Dollar ( USD ) account:

  • Bank name: PT. Bank Negara Indonesia ( BNI)
  • account name: BUDI TURMOKO
  • Number Account: 0749-1643-44

For IDR account can transferred to account bank below:

  • Rupiah ( IDR ) account:
  • Bank Name: BCA ( Bank Central Asia Tbk)
  • Account Name: BUDI TURMOKO
  • Number Account: 009-53-74854

OUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT IS : [email protected]

Q: Is it OK for the customer’s quality control?
Yes. Customer’s quality control could be check over the product from the raw material till the finished condition.

Q: Can you provide me a catalog of your products line?
Actually, we do not have catalog hard-copy yet, as we always make new items. By the way, our web site is our online catalog.