Embroidery Work Uniform

Mokoworkwear.com – Embroidery or commonly called embroidery is a decoration made with sewing needles and threads. The medium used is cloth. In addition to the thread, decoration for embroidery or embroidery can use materials such as pearls, beads, metal pieces, bird feathers, and sequins.

Uniform is a set of clothing that is usually worn by members or workers in an agency, both male and female uniforms to participate in activities at the agency or organization, especially official. The uniform used must be comfortable, fit, elegant, and of course quality.

Convection Services

To meet the needs of Embroidery Work Uniform, we can rely on convection services. Where this service can help you in making clothes according to our own wishes. Starting models, colors, and so forth. Convection is a type of business where this business is engaged in the service of making clothes, where the manager is usually from an individual party. Convection companies like this have a relatively small number of employees and also limited use of sewing machines. Where for the scale of orders at the convection company is still under 500 pieces. Convection usually produces clothes if there are orders from consumers and does not produce their own clothes in relatively large quantities to be traded to consumers.

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